Sennheiser MB Pro

Sennheiser MB Pro

MB Pro 2 UC ML is a premium Bluetooth headset for UC business professionals, certified for Skype for Business. 

The MB Pro 1 is the mono (one ear) version of this product, also available.

The MB Pro is supplied with a pre-paired Bluetooth dongle but can also be paired to any Bluetooth device. This means that it can be connected to multiple devices, such as a laptop and a mobile phone, simultaneously. 

This headset is equipped with Sennheiser's High-Definition Sound and sound enhancement profiles. It also features 'Room Experience' technology, which is designed to make the remote speaker sound as though they are in the room with you rather than in a headset. 

The headset can handle up to 15 hours' call time and the freedom to move up to 25 meters from the source. 

Placing the headset on/off the charger stand enables the user to answer and end a call directly without further call management. 

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